I was tagged a while ago by Lauren over at Lala’s Book Reviews (which by the way if you’re seeing this thank you for tagging!). She created a book tag based off of the band 5 Seconds of Summer, a band I happen to really enjoy. 

Rules : 

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Long Way Home || Stop Time with a Book That Makes You Want to Live in the Moment

I’d have to say Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. The main character Cath is very similar to me in many ways and reminds me to get outside and be social every once in a while. I guess I would say that this book makes me want to stop time because I don’t have that much longer as a highschooler. I’d like to be a little more extrovertive by the time I reach college so I can enjoy it fully. 

Gotta Get Out || A Character Who Face Many Challenges That Strived for a Better Life

Inej Ghafa. She was kidnapped and forced into prostitution then turned into an assassin and still strives for a better life. She has a lot of grit and hope despite all her challenges and I highly respect her for that. 

Out of My Limit || A Couple That Are in Different Social Groups

Nina and Jefferson from American Royals. SPOILER ALERT….it didn’t work out but Jefferson is a prince and Nina is basically what they call a commoner despite being best friends with the princess. 

America doesn’t have any royals obviously but at least in this book I can pretend to date a prince in this book. 

Everything I Didn’t Say || A Book Where the Character Tried to Fix a Broken Relationship

Also from American Royals (I recently read this duology so expect a couple of answers to be from here) is Daphne Deighton. She ruined her relationship with Ethan after trying everything to be a princess and tried to fix it too late.  

I felt a little bad for her but then again….it was her fault things went so terribly with them and she was horrible to the rest of the cast. 

Jasey Rae || A Book That Should Have a Modified Ending

Ruin and Rising. Anyone who has read the book knows what I mean. 

Independence Day || A Character Who Leaves a Toxic Relationship

Lauren mentions Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. I actually read this book a long time ago (honestly forgot it existed). I think she leaves him? I don’t remember much from this book except one scene where the boyfriend beats the main character and goes to jail for it. It’s probably a good thing I don’t remember much of this especially considering I think was I was eleven at the oldest when I read it. 

I Miss You || A Morally Gray Character That You Can’t Get Enough Of

Kaz Brekker in Six of Crows. By far, he is one of my fav characters for being as ruthless as he is. 

Never Be || A Couple Always Lived for the Present Moment

Pretty much any couple that knows they won’t end up together. I’d have to say Jace and Clary lived for the present moment even when they shouldn’t have. 

Too Late || A Book with Unrequited Love

I couldn’t tell you any of the characters’ names or really any of the plot but I am positive there was unrequited love in Taxonomy of Love. 

Tomorrow Never Dies || A Group of Characters Who Lead a Rebellion

I have to say Hunger Games. Really any YA dystopian novel has a rebellion but Hunger Games was the staple of teenage rebellions. 

Beside You || A Book with a Long Distance Relationship

…They’re not technically dating but Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows creates a long distance relationship. I mean, at the end of the duology she decides she’s going to own a boat and sail the world while Kaz stays in Ketterdam. I’d say that’s a long distance relationship.

Heartbreak Girl || What Character Makes You Heart Ache because They Aren’t Real

All of them. The fact that none of the characters are real kills me because I want to go on magical adventures too. 

Unpredictable || A Book That Had You Constantly Trying to Figure Out What Was Happening

Stalking Jack the Ripper had so many twists and turns throughout the series it was crazy. Definitely would say it had me constantly re-evaluating my guesses of who the killer was even in the fourth book. 

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