I can’t believe we’re already about halfway through Camp Nanowrimo! This time, I made the goal of writing every single day and managed to write a short piece 10/13 days! As I anticipated, writing consistently was difficult, particularly when my family came to visit. Along with the goal of writing consistently, I had plans to post a quote from my writing each day for accountability. Unfortunately in posting a quote I put so much pressure on myself to write the perfect line I ended up killing my motivation. It turns out I’m not one of those writers who can use social media for accountability. 

Projects so far : I bounced a couple of ideas around in my notebook mostly taken from one word prompts on a discord server. My favorite stories so far are one where the main character thinks they’re dreaming when they’re not and one that follows a Youtube vlogger who is being followed on vacation. They are both very much in the draft zero phases but I have high hopes that I’ll have them polished enough to post quotes at some point. 

Projects in the future :  While I’m going to continue to bounce around ideas, I would also like to plan my fantasy novel. Earlier today, I procrastinated by creating Picrew versions of my main characters. Maybe the visuals will inspire me to give my characters some depth so I can start reworking the plot. 

Lessons learned :  I need to put writing goals in my planner. If I don’t see a checkbox for it, I’ll never get it done. Even then, writing takes a lot of motivation after a long day of lectures and work. People who do this while juggling a full time job / school will never cease to amaze me.