Character Costume Ideas For Halloween

It’s been a long time since I last posted! Life with school and extracurriculars has gotten way too hectic, but because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to post something festive! The result is me talking about fictional characters I would love to be for Halloween. 

Not only is Five Hargreeves one of my favorite characters in Umbrella Academy, I’m a big fan of the outfit (with alterations of course). Maybe I’m just a huge fan of assassins and blazers but either way, he’s a character I would want to be. 

I already have the Camp Half Blood t-shirt and the hat. She’s also a great character. I don’t have someone to be Percy Jackson with me but she’s so awesome, it doesn’t matter. Also, I went as her in fourth grade and I feel I need to do her costume justice after that. 

She’s a badass assassin with a cool outfit and knives. That’s all the reason I need.

I love 1800’s clothes and all the ones that Kerri Maniscalco describes that Audrey Rose wears makes me want to replicate any of them. She’s also another badass character I’ve had a great time reading about this month.

If I went as her, I would wear the black and gold kefta that the Darkling gives to her because one, that’s an entire Halloween vibe and two, I think black and gold are really pretty colors together. My hair already looks almost white in some lightings too so I wouldn’t have to dye it.


What can I say? I love a good morally grey, dark haired, killer. Also if I go as him I get to use the cane and buy new gloves.