Rating Guide

Five Stars: Perfection, in fact so perfect I rave about it to everyone fortunate enough to come within speaking distance. Most likely a book I would reread either for the characters, world building, plot, or a combination of the three.

Four Stars: Thoroughly enjoyed it. Will still gush about the plot or characters to everyone I know.

Three Stars: Average. Books that get three stars are ones I enjoyed but didn’t like certain elements of it like the pacing or if the characters felt flat.

Two Stars: These books are either hard to read, poorly written, or both. Nothing is too offensive and I can get a good idea of what’s happening.

One Star: Either I couldn’t get past one (or more) elements that bothered me or it was so poorly written the plot didn’t make sense.

DNF: Not all books I DNF are necessarily bad. Some books I’ve DNF’d had good writing but were too much or not right for me at the time however most of the books I DNF are because they’re too slow or have offensive elements.