Week 8 : Camp NanoWrimo Begins

I’ve officially entered the drafting stage! This week, I wrapped up outlining book one of my fantasy series (which remains untitled as of right now) and began writing my book on Scrivener. I have to say I am so glad I invested in Scrivener because writing with just a neat background and the page is really nice. I didn’t realize just how easily I got distracted when I used to use Google Docs. I’ll admit, I still do get distracted (there’s no avoiding it), but now it’s a lot less common because I don’t have all my tabs in front of me.

So far, I’ve written about 3,500 words. About 1,500 of those words were logged towards my NanoWrimo goal of 30,000 words. This week, the plan is to keep chugging along and make some more progress. I have two nine hour car rides to look forward to so I’ll try and carve out some time to write then.