Writing About Writing is Surprisingly Difficult

When I started this blog series, I didn’t think I would be so busy I wouldn’t have time to update this. Who knew writing about my writing progress would be so hard? I definitely didn’t. 

While I haven’t been talking about it, I have made a lot of progress in my untitled fantasy series. After graduation ended, I got to work on worldbuilding. I quickly learned it’s a process that never really ends, but I’ve done enough detailing to get me through draft one. To help, I caved and treated myself to buying Scrivener. I’m already obsessed, and I’ve had the program for a week. I made a lot of notes about types of magic, countries, culture, and the main setting. Next week, I plan to watch a few more of NK Jemisin’s masterclass to learn how I can further enrich my worldbuilding. I learned a lot from reading Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight Chronicles (which includes one of the most complex worlds I’ve ever read) so I’m excited to see what I glean from NK Jemisin’s lessons. 

Once I arrived at a good pausing point for my worldbuilding, I worked on developing my main characters using prior notes and Scrivener’s template. At some point, I would love to get accurate visuals for them but I haven’t found a character creation program that I like yet. 

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll continue to flesh out my characters and my world as I begin to outline book one. I have a copy of Save the Cat to help me. My goal is to begin writing once Camp Nano rolls around in July. We’ll see if I meet that deadline.