Olympic Games Readathon TBR

Earlier last week, I saw a post about a new Percy Jackson themed readathon happening in June. I had just heard the news that Percy Jackson was becoming a Disney + show, so I thought I would celebrate by participating. 

How It Works:

All you have to do is pick a house to represent and read books based off the prompts to win points for your cabin. The cabin with the most points wins the readathon. To declare your team you submit a form that can be found on the Olympic Games twitter page. The prompts can be found here

My Team: 

I don’t own as many books as a lot of the people on twitter seem to own and the libraries are closed where I am, so my book choices are limited. That’s part of the reason why I’m choosing to represent Team Hades : the prompts work out best for the books that I have. The other reason why I’m choosing Team Hades is because I love Nico DiAngelo and that love only grew after my recent re-read of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. 

Mandatory Challenges and My Picks:

The Ghost King: Read a book featuring the undead

I know it doesn’t exactly feature the undead but this was the closest I could get to the prompt out of the books I have. I’m choosing to count it because it features women killed by a serial killer who is still unknown today. 

Bring a book back from the dead by reading something you have

already read before.

I read this book earlier this year but I want to get further into the series so I’m re-reading it for this challenge. 

The underworld is a dark and dreary place. Read a book with a dark cover.

I think the cover speaks for itself here. 

Death comes randomly and without warning. Choose a book from

your TBR at random.

This wasn’t as random as I wanted it to be, but it worked out all the same. 

Hermes is the only Olympian free to visit the underworld. Complete a prompt that honours Hermes. (a book with a snake on the cover)

Finding a book with a snake on the cover was harder than I thought it would be. Luckily I haven’t picked this one up yet. 

Advanced Challenges: 

Sword & Shield: A book featuring a character whom you would not get along with. 

This book features six main characters with different personalities. I figured I wouldn’t get along with at least one of them if they were real. 

Monster Fighting: A book featuring magical creatures

I’m choosing this book so that I’m able to continue the Mortal Instruments while staying within the challenge guidelines. Demons are magical creatures, and they’re hunting demons so it works.