Childish Spirits : Review

☽ Synopsis ☽ 

When Ellie and her family move into Inchwood Manor, Ellie quickly discovers strange things are happening. Who is the mysterious boy at the window? What secrets lie within the abandoned nursery? Who is the woman who haunts Ellie’s dreams and why has she returned to the Manor, after more than a century? 

Ellie finds herself entangled in a Victorian mystery of ghosts and tunnels and secret documents and discovers that life all those years ago isn’t so different from the world she knows today…

☽ Review ☽

Disclaimer : I was given an advanced reader’s copy of Childish Spirits in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to Rob Keeley for providing my copy! I would also like to note that I am above the target age range for this series, something I will be keeping in perspective as I write this.


Again, keeping in mind the age range, I think the plot is perfectly paced. The story is short but fast paced which is great for younger readers who don’t quite have the attention span yet for longer books. I honestly think my little sister would enjoy this story a lot because all of the twists and adventures would continue to engage her. This book definitely entertained me. I was able to guess a lot of the major plot twists but I could see shocking readers. 

Overall, it’s a fun, easy to follow story that has mystery, adventure, funny banter, and of course ghosts. Every single chapter will leave you questioning what will happen next. 


I liked the characters. We follow Ellie, who has just moved in and Edward, a mischievous ghost who just wants the house to himself. I think a lot of children will find it easy to relate to both of them and their friendship as it evolves throughout the book.